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RERconverge is a set of software written in R that estimates the correlation between relative evolutionary rates of genes and the evolution of a convergent binary or continuous trait across a phylogeny.
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ERC Analysis Webserver
ERC measures correlated rates across a phylogeny, allowing for extraction of genes with similar evolutionary histories. High ERC values are typically observed between genes participating in a common pathway or that otherwise share functionality.
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__Datasets and Repositories Accompanying Papers__
2019 Raza et al. PLOS Genetics [ ]
Data from: Evolutionary rate covariation analysis of E-cadherin identifies Raskol as a regulator of cell adhesion and actin dynamics in Drosophila

2018 Meyer et al. Science. [ ]
This repo contains scripts associated with a genome-wide screen for convergent loss of gene function in marine mammals.

2012 Clark, Alani, Aquadro. Genome Research
ERC Yeast Dataset 2012
[zip file yeastERC ]

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